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Pray with Us

Would you join us as we pray over Child Sponsorship for the upcoming year?


Thank you for always being with me. Life is uncertain, and I am grateful that you are near me during the times of celebration, the times of confusion, and the times of sadness. I am thankful that I can partner with you in ending poverty even through uncertainty.

Thank you for bringing Child Sponsorship into my life. I ask that the children we serve would know you intimately. Wrap them in your love, comfort, and joy. May all the families also experience your presence and know you. I pray that the local church will continue to thrive and grow. Let your good news spread throughout the community.

Bless the teachers, schools, and community leaders in Narok. Give them wisdom as they continue to navigate COVID policies. I praise you that there is access to education. Allow the education of all the children in school to be a step out of extreme poverty for them.

Lord, we ask that you make good water and nourishing food accessible to the communities we serve. We continue to pray for balanced weather. We ask that you provide good rain, without flooding or drought. Keep the families healthy and close-knit.

Give the AfricaHope and Child Sponsorship teams wisdom this year as we all serve our friends in Kenya. May more children be sponsored and more families move out of extreme poverty.

I ask that your spirit would stir inside of me so that I may continue to show your love to those around me. Amen.


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