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Directly Ending Poverty

Our program centers on conditional monthly direct cash transfers, Direct Give. This data-backed approach goes beyond diminishing the effects of poverty by dramatically shifting the standard of living for those in extreme poverty.

Generosity Changes Lives

A teenager that has started a small business in his rural, Kenyan community...

A mother who rescued herself and her child from domestic violence...

A child receiving new clothes for the first time...

A family developing a plan to buy, breed, and sell goats, creating sustainable income for their family...

A student going to school for the first time instead of working in the fields...

A single mother mentoring young mothers on budgeting and financial growth...

These life-changing stories are possible because of your generosity. Each $30 monthly gift empowers a family to take steps out of extreme poverty.

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What does it mean to empower a family?

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Impact of Direct Give

Direct Give is dignifying and empowers families to meet their needs. This means improved food and water access, the start of more businesses, and the cultivation of new vegetable gardens.
In five years, the positive effects of Direct Give are rippling throughout the Kenyan communities we serve. Besides the countless stories of lives changing and hearts turning to God, we have also seen a thirty percent decrease in poverty among the families who have been in our program for five years.
Those families are no longer in extreme poverty, thanks to generous donors and the profound impact of Direct Give.


Direct Give is the backbone
of Family Partners. 

Direct cash transfers (Direct Give) have been shown to be an effective tool in reducing poverty, particularly in low-income countries. These programs involve providing cash transfers directly to individuals or households, with the aim of alleviating poverty and improving living standards.

Research has shown that direct cash transfers can have a significant impact on poverty reduction, particularly in terms of improving access to basic needs such as food, healthcare, and education. They can also help to reduce inequality by providing support to those who need it most.

For example, a study in Kenya found that cash transfers led to a significant increase in household consumption and helped to reduce poverty rates by around 30%. And Family Partners is seeing similar results. 

However, it's important to note that direct cash transfers are not a silver bullet solution to poverty. Other factors, such as access to education and healthcare, employment opportunities, and social safety nets, can also play a crucial role in poverty reduction.

Overall, while direct cash transfers may not completely eradicate poverty, they can be an effective tool in reducing poverty and improving the well-being of those living in poverty, particularly when combined with other poverty reduction measures.

"Before I started receiving the direct give I struggled a lot to provide for my family. But when my family started to receive direct give life changed, and we were blessed."

Dorocus, a Maasai mother

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