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Did you know you’re an answer to prayer?


Brothers, Lipandi and Lemashou, have had their lives changed forever. When their father passed away, their mom, Noolairetu, was left to support her sons. The income-generating options for a single Maasai mother are few with no seed money. Fortunately, Lipandi and Lemashou are both sponsored. Noolairetu is very thankful for the Direct Give and psychosocial care that Child Sponsorship provides. Instead of falling deeper into extreme poverty when their father died, the generosity of donors has supported them in moving out of it.


When asked why the program means so much to her, Noolairetu said that she is a Christian and that every week she would attend church and pray that God would help her send her boys to school. God answered her prayer by both Lipandi and Lemashou being sponsored. Now, both boys attend the local Primary School, where they can pursue a brighter future without extreme poverty. Noolairetu could also buy the boys new jackets, shoes, and shorts for school.

To show her appreciation, Noolairetu walked several miles from her home to thank the AfricaHope staff members who facilitate the sponsorship program in her community.

The Direct Give they receive is an answer to her many prayers. It is humbling seeing how God will use others, like you, to provide opportunities for His children around the globe!


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